WE are orugallu Technology India software industry hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India

The orugallu Technology India software industry Registeed micro M.S.M.E small enterprice industry with Govt India.

We are providing services to computer education,engineering services,agricultral technology services minimam fees.
We successfully developed the technology portal agriculural sceintific computing technology services avalable in the market with minimam prices this Software India -
orugallu Technology india software industry also Comptuer Academy is Computer Education services hanamkonda,Warangal city
orugallu Technology INdia sofftware industry- Founder A.Gopal -Admin officer& Scientist computing & Management he is mainly for scientific reserch in computing for agriculture computing technology he concentrating on agriculture economy development and also acadamic educaiton journal publsiher
web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in

we are also acadamic journal for technologu Scientific computing technology,hindu vedic educaiton Sceintific journal online avalable with telugu,hindi and englsih collection of interdisciplinary Indian Acadamic educaiton Journals and Research Publications, providing:

Dr. A.Gopal - Assocate Proffessor computing-this Acadamic Educaiton Journal with individual Registered with Indianjournals-India about this service provider software engineering services and management Admin officer & Scientist- orugallu TEchnolggy India software industry he workging private colleges Assocaiciate Proffessor computer sceience engineering in colleges hanamkonda,Warngal city -t.s-India web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in contact Phone: 8185944713
Dr. A.Gopal-Managemet Admin officer & Softwre engineer Admin officer & Photography & Assocaite Proffessor Computing engineering-Orugallu TEchnology India software industry ,University Raod,Hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana-India
A-anchuri those who want reserch publicaiton reserch paper we reserch jounral we are also acadamci he also sceintific Reserch on computer technology software technology for agricultre health technology,hindu vedic mathematics in computing technology,hindu historical studies
year 2008-2018 given services computer educaiton,software eningering services
Dr. A.Gopal - Management -orugallu TEchnology india software industry services management online educaiton -software engineering services- -year 2008-2018 - 9 years given educaiton services online comptuer educaiton,web site engineering ,services hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in

he worked A.Gopal- 2008-2018 - 4 years worked job Assitatnt Proffessor Computing enginerng private colleges hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s_india -contact Phone: 8185944713
A.Gopal -year 2016-2018 he studied Doctor of Philsophy in Computer Sciecene enginering information technology he award Doctorate year sepetmber -2018 with distiction.
A.Gopal- Education: M.Sc(Computer Sceince ),M.Phil-year -2009,Ph.D(Doctor of Philsophy)-year2016-2018.
Subject: specialization: biomdical enignering,agricuulture enggineer,scientific computing ,adminstration technology,health care technology-ai,software engineering,educaiton technology ,bio informatics.cyber security,ai, he is arya visya hindu community hanamkonda,Warngla city-teleangana-India
Dr. A.Gopal-Assistant Proffessor Computing enginering - contact Phone: 8185944713
web site www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in
he worked univeristy acadamic youth acadamic youth ignou unviersity youth -hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-india ,university colleges ,acadmic university youth president hanamkonda,Warangal city ignouc univeristy youth college youth president hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India -2008-2015 unvieristy team acadamic