in telangana and andhra pradesh telugu is official language

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jaya jaya telagana telugu lyrics history trs in telangana official party supports trs 2009-2011 allince with congress 2008-2011 later witdras.
telugu lyrics

jajaya he telangana lyrics telugu

kodamasimham telugu cowboy telugu film- star: chiranjeevi clcik here he resprsents congress former rajyasabha mp minister india

2.0 india scientific artificial intelligence based film

the robo and 2.0 is is artificial intellignece based robotic Scientific indian film based film this film director shankar -star: rajanikanth in this the story is the proffessor creates a robo, robo means a mechanical machine like human intelligence works with computer created human,some problem it create then with human mind the problem the proffessor solvs with team experts this film story robo 2.0
rajnikant represent sipports his political career in political party support tamil manila congress ,india national congress super star: rajani kanth info