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Ganesh chaturhi hindu Festival-15-22-september-2018, hanamkonda,Warngal ctiy-Telangana-India hindu religious cultural programs hanamkonda,Waranngal city-Telangana-India
vinayka chturhi vratha katha hindu vedic education-telugu-India

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this vedic text HISTORY first in the TIME hindu vedic time educaiton historythis vedic slokas composed hindu vedic educaiton hisotry-veda vyasa rushi-hindu vedic educaiton time -Dwaparyuga - hindu vedic education,and archeological evidence of the Brahmi script being used from at least3000 b.c - 300 B.C ,telugu songs sanskrit vedic slokas visnhnusahsranamulu lstinig now

hindu vedic education yoga educaiton& history

hindu vedia yoga-age cycle
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in hanamkonda India youth congress,telangana youth -telugu unvieristy acadamic team genseh chturhi hidu festival paticipated hanamkonda,Warangal city-t.s-India Date: 15-22-Septemebr-2018.

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